Rare Computed Tomography Findings of Multiple Unihemispheric Brain Stones in A Patient Presenting Following Her First Seizure

Author(s): Raees Lunat, Rahul Khamar, Jonathon Kyriakides

Brain stones are a rare form of intracranial calcification. They are defined as large, well-circumscribed foci of pathological calcification and can be classified according to location and aetiopathology. Clinical history and imaging are principally used to narrow the differential in the absence of a tissue diagnosis. We report the highly unique case of a 47-year-old female patient who presented following a witnessed tonic-clonic seizure, preceded by worsening neurological symptoms. Blood tests were unremarkable however imaging demonstrated multiple, large, discrete areas of bony hard calcifications that were distributed exclusively within the left cerebral hemisphere - a localisation characteristic that is unreported in literature to date.

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