Procedures Guided by Ultrasonography in Injectable Treatments in Knee, Hip and Shoulder Pathologies

Author(s): Renato Luiz Bevilacqua de Castro, Sergio Ricardo Neto, Breno Pazinatto Antonio, José Fábio Lana, Fernanda Santiago Bassora

The pathologies of the musculoskeletal system continue to be one of the main causes of the reduction of quality of life and are the main causes of disability with increasing incidence. The use of ultrasound equipment has gained importance, mainly with the improvement of image quality and technology. Currently, ultrasound has become the main diagnostic tool in traumatic, inflammatory and degenerative lesions in soft tissue conditions, and in the monitoring of joints, ligaments, cartilage and muscles. This work aims to present a review of the indicators of the use of intervention techniques with ultrasound equipment in musculoskeletal system disorders in knee, shoulder and hip joints.

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