Participation of Src-kinase in Age Changes of the Brain Central Zone

Author(s): Yavisheva Tatiana, Shcherbakov Sergey

In germinal loci of a brain, as well as in tissues of peripheral organs there are morphofunctional zones in which a proliferation and differentiation of cambial cells occur. The hypothalamus with hypophysiotropic region represents the central zone. One of the key proteins of morphofunctional zones is the Src-kinase, participating in transfer of a nervous signal, if it is in its active form. The hypothalamus initially has a high expression of an inactive Src-kinase which is connected with the development of a brain from an ectoderm. With aging due to the influence of the estrogens, which activate the Src-kinase, the resources of an inactive Src in a hypothalamus are exhausted, which leads to violation of release of many hormones including AKTH. Local accumulation in hippocampus of the glucocorticoids, which have inhibitory effect on neurons can lead to neurodegenerative diseases at low congenital level of the Src-kinase in the hypothalamus and also the stresses strengthening emission of glucocorticoids.

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