Positive Interference of Hemolysis on Kaliemia Dosage Corresponding to Hemolysis Degree on Bs 300

Author(s): Miora Koloina Ranaivosoa, Tinà Rakotoniaina, Valdo Rahajanirina, Tahinamandranto Rasamoelina, Zely Arivelo Randriamanantany, Olivat Rakoto Alson, Andry Rasamindrakotroka

The main reason of this study is to determine from which serum hemolysis index the interference was positive for the kaliemia dosage on automaton BS 300 (Mindray®). The secondary aim was to establish a reliable reporting for the clinicians in front of hemolysed samples for the kaliemia dosage. The hemolysis additions method was run to create an increasing hemoglobin range of concentration varying from 0 to 12 g/dl. To determine an influence of the hemolysis on the measure, the variation limit of 10% was chosen. Statistic analysis was done by XLSTAT, therefore the student paired t-test allowed us to compare parameters rates dosed before and after hemolysis. The threshold for statistical significance was 0.05. According to this study, kaliemia positive interference became significant from hemolysis index [+++]: H4 = 1.5 g/dl.

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