Effectiveness of Tonge Group Education on General Health of Mothers with under Drug Therapy Autistic Children

Author(s): Fariba Hassani, Sarvenaz Jahanzad, Helia Houshangi

Purpose: Purpose of present research is to investigate effectiveness of Tonge group education on general health of mothers with under drug therapy autistic children.

Methodology: This study was semi-experimental with a pre-test/post-test design with a control population. Studied population includes mothers of autistic children visiting Tehran Psychiatric Institute clinic, which a group of 20 was chosen from mothers of autistic children that were randomly placed in two groups of test group and control group (10 persons in each group); then interventions based on Tonge pattern were performed during ten sections of two hour classes while the control group had not received any intervention. Goldberg and Hiller General Health Questionnaire was used to collect data.

Results: Data was analyzed via covariance analysis test. Covariance analysis showed that Tonge group education has been effective on mothers of autistic children (p<0.5).

Discussion: Tonge group education is effective on elements of anxiety, depression, and social functioning signs but there is no positive effect on elements of physical signs.

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