Early Pseudodepression Anticipating the Appearance of A Frontal Lobe Brain Tumor: Could it Be Considered A Risk Factor? Literature Review and Case Description

Author(s): Domenico Chirchiglia, Carmelino Angelo Stroscio, Dorotea Pugliese, Donatella Gabriele, Giusy Guzzi, Giorgio Volpentesta, Angelo Lavano

Background: Frontal lobe brain tumors often cause psychiatric disorders such as depression, if damage is related to dorsolateral part of the prefrontal cortex.It is more appropriate the term pseudodepression in cases where it is secondary to organic causes, such as in brain tumors. Vice versa, it is a very rare condition in which depressive symptoms anticipate the onset of a brain tumor, as showed by few cases reported in literature.

Procedure: We describe a case of pseudodepression syndrome followed 20 years after, by the appearance of a frontal lobe meningioma.

Conclusions: There are many hypotheses whereby a depression can anticipate the onset of a brain tumor. According to some authors, depression could be a risk factor for the onset of brain tumors. Hence the need, in a subject suffering from depression, to perform periodic control neuroimaging exams, to detect the possible presence of a brain tumor.

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