Assessing the Knowledge of Cardiovascular Disease Among Young People in South Dublin

Author(s): Liam OHalloran, Molly Slattery

Introduction: Cardiovascular diseases cause approximately 46% of total deaths in Ireland. These conditions can be preventable with lifestyle changes. By 2020 the number of deaths is expected to rise to over 195,000 people. With the aim, to develop teaching programs about CVD, it is important to assess young peoples' understanding of CVD.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional questionnaire-based research study conducted in seven pharmacies in south Dublin. Customers aged between 18-30 were requested to take part in the study. Descriptive and variable provision multivariate analysis was used in information analysis.

Results: The least recognized symptom of a myocardial infarction was dyspnea (69%). The least recognized symptom of stroke was headache (65%). In terms of where young people obtain health information, 66% learned from doctors, while family members and the internet were the main source in 18% and 17%. 35% of young people believed weight was the most factor that increased your risk of cardiovascular disease while 22% believed smoking was most important.

Discussion: There was deficiencies in cardiovascular disease knowledge among young people, especially related to MI/Stroke.

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