Osteoblastoma-Like Osteosarcoma of the spine: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Omar Atallah, MBBS, FRCS Neurosurgery, Aaron Stevenson, MBBS, FRACS Orthopedic and Spine


OBLOS of the spine is an extremely rare tumor, with 12 cases have been reported in the literature. We present a case of OBLOS affecting the thoracic spine. We also review similar cases in literature.

Clinical Presentation:

A 19-year-old male patient presented to our center with an incidental T7 lesion with a complain of back pain for 2 weeks with altered sensation starting from T7 dermatomal distribution below. Neuro examination showed no significant neurological deficits. He underwent tumor excisional surgery over 2 occasions. Last follow up images showed tumor recurrence despite treatment.


OBLOS in general is an aggressive tumor and yet best modality of treatment is early surgical excision. Future research should be carried out to determine the best method of adjuvant treatment modality for OBLOS.

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