Orthodontic Treatment Combined with Miniscrew Anchorage for an Angle Class II Division 1 Case with Severe Crowding and TMDs

Author(s): Naoto Hirose, Makoto Yanoshita, Azusa Onishi, Yuka Yamauchi, Sayuri Nishiyama, Mami Takano, Eri Tsuboi, Naoki Kubo, Kotaro Tanimoto

The case report describes that the treatment of an Angle Class II and division 1 malocclusion in adult with excessive overjet and high mandibular angle case. The patient has also severe crowding on maxilla and mandible and temporomandibular disorders (TMD). The treatment was performed by use of 0.018×0.025-inch slot straight wire appliances with four first premolars’ extraction. The improvement of excessive overjet was achieved by the proclination of anterior teeth by use of temporary anchorage devices (TADs). After completion of orthodontic treatment, the molar relationships on both sides were almost normalized to Class I and proper overjet and overbite were acquired. Improvement of facial and occlusal problems was acquired. The symptoms of TMDs have been stable due to the continuous care through the treatment period. TADs are considered as a very useful material in terms of the anchorage of molars for the achievement of a large amount of incisor retraction and molar intrusion.

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