Nutritional Status Pre-Gestational and Gestational Among Women Living With HIV Positive in Luanda, Angola

Author(s): Maura Eunice João Filipe, Marli Stela Santana

Objective: To evaluate the pregestational and gestational nutritional status of HIV-positive women.

Methods: This is a cross-sectional study, conducted from August to November 2018 in which 171 HIV-positive pregnant women were selected at random, in order of arrival and submitted to nutritional assessment through the Global Subjective Evaluation, whose data collected were analyzed in a descriptive and inferential manner, using the excel and EpiInfo software version 7.2.

Results: From the main results found it was observed the presence of maternal nutritional eutrophic, considering the pre-gestational Body Mass Index (BMI) of 107 (62.56%), and the gestational BMI of 94 (54.97%). It was found 31(18.12%) of pre-gestational overweight and 54 (28.07%) of overweight during pregnancy, and it was also observed that 12 (7%) of pregnant women were obese before pregnancy and 15 (15.28%) became obese during pregnancy. A significant association was found between pregestational BMI and height (p<0.0001) and gestational BMI and current weight (p<0.0003) and uterine height (p<0.005).

Conclusion: The results of this study indicate the need to develop specialized care programs in hospital units so that pregnant women have a differentiated nutritional follow up during prenatal care, in order to ensure an adequacy of their nutritional status.

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