Nasogastric and Nasojejunal Feeding in Critically Ill Patient in Intensive Care Unit - A Randomised Comparative Study

Author(s): Aziz Ahmed, Sanjeev Kumar, Akhil Piyush.

Abstract Nutrition plays a crucial role in the recovery of critically ill patients. Enteral route allows proper absorption of the required nutrients. However, feeding via mouth is not possible in all patients of ICU so nasogastric and nasojejunal mode of nutrition is used. In this study we have compared the efficiency of both the mode of nutrition. In all 60 patients participated in this study they were equally divided into two groups. The first group received feeding via nasogastric method and the other group received feeding via nasojejunal method. They were supervised during the feeding session throughout their stay at Intensive Care Unit. Duration of stay and any complications throughout were documented. The following observations were made uration of ICU stay in NG group was 15.80±5.76days were as Duration of ICU stay in NJ group was 9.50±8.69days, with P-value of 0.348. Mean duration of mechanical ventilation in NG group were 12.23±5.55 days where as Mean duration in NJ groups was 6.00±6.72days with P value of 0.316. In terms of duration of stay at hospital and the occurrence of complication both nasogastric and nasojejunal mode feeding had similar results. Further studies needed to validate these results and to apply on whole population.


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