Nanozymedb: A Manually Curated Database to Understand and Match Kinetics of Nanozymes with Natural Enzymes

Author(s): Shreya Sharma, Kartik Singh, Ankit Kalra, Shilpa Sharma

Nanoparticle-based catalysts, also known as Nanozymes, have played a crucial role in growing success of nanotechnology owing to their intrinsic enzyme-like characteristics. They have gained significant interest among the research community in the past decade due to effective mode of action, higher stability, lowcost industrial production, wide spectrum of physical and chemical properties and tunable catalytic activities compared to both natural and artificial enzymes. Currently, the knowledge of these nanozymes is restricted either to individual research papers available across platforms such as Google Scholar and PubMed, or literature reviews incorporating a subset of few such papers. Hitherto, there exists no platform or repository summarizing an exhaustive list of nanozymes and their kinetics. In an attempt to benefact the scientific community, we present NanozymeDB, a comprehensive data framework serving as a single platform for addressing and collating catalytic and kinetic parameters of nanozymes.

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