Nailfold Changes as a Sign of Underlying Systemic Illnesses

Author(s): Muhammad Sohaib Asghar, Abubakar Tauseef, Muhammad Sohaib Qamar, Saad Aslam, Mohammed Akram, Basmah Fayaz, Uzma Rasheed, Maryam Zafar, Gul Muhammad Memon, Iftekhar Ahmed

This review article summarizes nail fold changes witnessed in local as well as systemic diseases and differentiation among these diseases according to the occurrence of particular nail fold manifestation and examination. Raynaud’s phenomenon is the main clinical manifestation encountered and capillaroscopy is used to examine nail bed changes found in capillary loops. Data prevailing within this review article is obtained by utilization of PubMed search engine and terminologies like nail fold, nail fold changes, paronychia, leukonychia, Raynaud's phenomenon, and onycholysis are used as Mesh Major Topic. A total of 14 papers of review articles were reviewed from 1983 till 2019. Data is entered in tabulated form in order to define the type of study and highlight the outcome. This review article based on nail fold changes as a clinical finding of numerous local and systemic illnesses is of great help to physicians and provides an important clue in the care of the patient if not neglected. This review article enlightens us with precise information and knowledge about nail changes in the form of shape, color and appearance to distinguish one disease from another and further simplifying the workup and treatment modalities opted for diseases.

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