MyVisualField©Static Test The Visual Field test Performed with a Smartphone and a Virtual Reality visor

Author(s): Daniela Paoli, Luca Chittaro, Paolo Brusini, Lorenzo Michelin

laucoma is a progressive optic neuropathy characterized by loss of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) and typical visual field defects. With more than 60 million people affected, it is nowadays considered a leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide [1,2]. The goal of glaucoma management is to preserve the patient’s quality of life [3,4].

The rescheduling of work in hospital eye units during the COVID 19 pandemic has led to the prioritization of emergency operations and clinical work which cannot be postponed. This has consequently led to the cancellation or the postponement of a very high number of check-ups and tests which normally constitute follow-ups in cases of glaucoma and other chronic conditions. Online medicine and remote diagnostics have been under discussion for many years in view of the scarcity of specialist health workers available to perform check-ups and tests involving the use of medical equipment. The recent COVID 19 pandemic has underlined that today more than ever, online medicine is essential both for diagnostics and for follow-up.

Visual field examination is the standard for care in evaluating disease progression, and for clinicians it represents the driver for adjusting the management of the patient [5].

The MVF Static Test represents an evolutionary step forward from the previous MVF cinetic [6,7] and is a simple and inexpensive device for the detection of visual field defects for use by either patients themselves or by general practitioners.

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