Myths about Treatment of Diabetes in Common Public

Author(s): Anjali Vijaya, Dr. Harshali Bharat Rankhambe, Subhash Kumar

During the pandemic situation, most of the diabetic patients are found across the state of India due to the vaccination as well as the awareness procedure held through the health organization of the state. Low availability of private organisations created a major problem during the pandemic for the diabetic patients and many patients fully dependent on the government's awareness program. This paper provides the information related to the cross-sectional research that is developed in the teaching hospitals. This research has selected 230 diabetic patients who are visiting the clinics regularly and 212 non-diabetic patients who have been participating in this interview. This data has been analysed through the SPSS software so that it can gather information related to correlation among different variables and statistical analysis of regression which is performed through model summary. Therefore, the study provides the detail information about the myths regarding the treatment of diabetes in common public through statistical analysis.

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