Morphology of the Gubernaculum Testis-A Factor to Explain the Cryptorchidism in Prune Belly Syndrome

Author(s): Natasha T Logsdon, Francisco JB Sampaio, Carla M Gallo, Luciano A Favorito

Background: To review current literature regarding the role of gubernaculum testis in cryptorchidism associated to Prune Belly Syndrome (PBS).

Material and Methods: We conducted a comprehensive literature review about the gubernaculum testis in PBS. A PubMed database search was performed in December 2020, focusing on gubernaculum testis and cryptorchidism in PBS.

Results: Collagen matrix of the prune belly gubernaculum is disrupted or degraded. In PBS gubernaculum we observed less amount of nerves and fewer quantity of collagen and elastic system fibers.

Conclusion: These important modifications in gubernaculum testis structure could be a factor involved in undescended testis in PBS.

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