Migration of Localization Wire into the Axilla During Wire-Guided Excision of a Breast Tumor

Author(s): Ramzee AF, Al-Shaibani S, Junejo K, Al-Merekhi H, Hajaj M, Shahid F

Introduction: Non-palpable breast lesions are very difficult to excise accurately without wire localization. We present a case where the wire had migrated into the axilla and noticed during surgery.

Case presentation: A 55-year-old lady was admitted for wire guided surgical excision of a clinically non-palpable right breast lesion. Before starting the surgery it was noticed that the wire had migrated and confirmed by X-ray to be in the axilla. Multiple attempts to retrieve it failed and procedure was aborted. CT scan was done next day to localize the wire and patient was brought back for surgery the next day. We were successful in retrieval of wire and tumor which was confirmed by histopathology later.

Conclusion: Surgeons and radiologists should be well aware of this complication and additional measures should be taken to secure the wire.

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