Mechanisms Plant-Based Diets Reverse Atherosclerosis

Author(s): Dasaad Mulijono, Albert M Hutapea, I Nyoman E Lister, Mondastri K Sudaryo, Helwiah Umniyati

Atherosclerosis, a chronic systemic inflammatory process, is the leading cause of disease, disability, and mortality worldwide. While current management approaches can temporarily alleviate the problem, they do not address the root cause. This paper presents a novel approach, demonstrating that adopting a whole food plant-based diet (PBD) can reduce the risk of atherosclerosis-related conditions and cause atherosclerosis to regress. We will delve into the mechanisms by which PBDs can cause regression of atherosclerosis plaque, a crucial aspect in managing coronary artery disease (CAD) patients. Despite the significant role of PBDs in managing CAD, the medical community has been slow to embrace this approach. By providing more information on the mechanism of action of PBDs, we aim to bridge the gap in knowledge and promote wider acceptance and implementation of PBDs by medical professionals.

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