Management of Chilaiditi syndrome: Our Experience and Literature Review

Author(s): Fiordaliso Michele, Costantini Raffaele, Sanchez Salinas Desirée, Ngjelina Jonel, Surajevs Vladislavs, Mevlüt Karaorman

Chilaiditi syndrome is a rare condition defined by the presence of gastrointestinal symptoms associated with the radiological finding of segmental interposition of the intestine between the liver and diaphragm. Although rarely identified as a source of abdominal pain, Chilaiditi syndrome has clinical significance as it can lead to a number of serious complications including bowel obstruction, perforation and ischemia. We report here on our experience and also examine the relevant literature and discuss measures to overcome this diagnostic dilemma. General surgeons should be aware of this disease and consider it in the differential diagnosis of acute abdomen.

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