Malignant Giant Cell Tumour of the Bone: Two Recent Cases with Immediate effect of Treatment with Denosumab

Author(s): Christian Tang Axelsen, Steen Baerentzen, Ninna Aggerholm-Pedersen, Hanne Krogh Rose

Giant Cell Tumour of Bone (GCTB) is a rare locally aggressive tumor that in 2-4% can contain a malignant component. Due to the rarity there is only sparse evidence on how to treat it in the metastatic setting. On the contrary denosumab has shown promising results on benign GCTB. Here we present two patients with malignant metastatic GCTB treated with Denosumab with partial response evaluated with RECIST 1.1. This indicates that denosumab can be added as a well- tolerated treatment option for malignant metastatic GCTB.

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