Kaposi Sarcoma: Review and a New Promising Treatment with NILS

Author(s): Aferdita Stroka Koka, Laver Stroka, Fjolla Hyseni, Keti Mamillo, Breta Kotorri, Valon Vokshi, Fareeha Nasir, Livia Capi, Arlind Decka, Edlira Harizi, Amin A S M AL, Abdur Rahman, Usmany MH, Ataullah AHM, Juna Musa, Srikrishnan Pichuthirumalai, Farjana Nasrin, Valbona Biba, Kristi Saliaj, Jaclyn Tan-Wohers, Mrunal Teja Chinthapalli

Kaposi Sarcoma is an endothelial malignancy most affecting the skin, mouth, GI tract, and respiratory tract. It can result from immunocompromised conditions such as AIDS, organ transplant, or classic or sporadic in older Easter males and Mediterranean’s, all ages widespread in Africa. It has a typical association with HHV-8 and HIV-1 infection incites flare-ups. KS can be aggressive by involving the respiratory system by causing severe dyspnea and hemoptysis. Herein, we present a 73-yearold patient presenting with some read-brown solid lesions over the elbows. His history revealed unprotected sexual activity with different partners. The physical examination showed lymphadenopathy and oral candidiasis. The laboratory test showed a CD4 level of 270/mm3 and a viral load of 150 000 copies/mm3. The histopathologic examination of the lesions demonstrated Kaposi Sarcoma. The lesions were treated with NILS therapy which converted the lesions into crusts and then scars. Since then, there has been no repetition of the lesions, but new lesions of KS have appeared in other body skin areas. This case report emphasizes the importance of NILS therapy as a promising treatment of Kaposi Sarcoma in the future.

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