ISW for the Treatment of Angle Class II Division 1 Combined with Unstable Mandibular Position

Author(s): Kuo Li-Ling, Yu Chien-Chih, Wu Wei-Te, Yu Jian-Hong

Introduction: This article presents a case of Angle Class II division 1 with completed treatment. We used improved super-elastic Ti–Ni alloy wire (ISW) and the modified multiloop edgewise arch wire (MEAW) technique to create space and to relieve anterior and posterior crowding in an adult female patient with poor dental alignment and facial asymmetry. Intermaxillary elastics were also used to improve the mandibular position and intercuspal interdigitation. The patient was treated by crowding relief, facial asymmetry correction, the MEAW technique, and overjet reduction.

Findings: The patient was treated successfully using ISW.

Conclusion: In this case, we rapidly corrected poor dental alignment by using ISW and the MEAW technique. Compared with conventional stainless steel wire treatment, ISW provides an efficient and easy approach to correct such malocclusion. Successful treatment outcomes were attained, and the patient was pleased with the treatment results.

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