Intradermal Immunization with Formaldehyde Inactivated Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Leading to the Production of Protective Immunoglobulin G against Protein of Specific Molecular Weight in Swiss Albino Mice

Author(s): Saoda U, Shamsuzzaman SM, Alam JAJ, Lopa NM

Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an extremely adaptive organism is liable for a number of acute and chronic infections with a wide range of predisposing conditions. Irrational use of antibiotics has increased the crisis by raising MDR strains and also prompted the development of effective vaccine against it. This study was carried out to detect the specific protein as per molecular weight against protective antibodies in serum and splenic cell culture supernatant by formalin inactivated whole cell vaccine against multidrug resistant P. aeruginosa. In this study, MDR P. aeruginosa was isolated from various clinical samples and used for the intradermal immunization of 15 Swiss albino mice. Fourteen days following immunization with the third dose of vaccine, the mice were challenged intradermally with live P. aeruginosa and observed for 14 days. Sera from tail blood and supernatant from mice spleen cell culture were collected. P. aeruginosa antigens used in the preparation of vaccine were sonicated and separated using SDS-PAGE electrophoresis as per molecular size. Protective antibodies that bind with antigen were assessed by ELISA. In this study, 14 days after post challenge, 100% survival rates were seen among the immunized mice. ELISA showed all serum from the pre- and post-challenge immunizations had considerably greater optical density values of IgG in comparison to the control mice and highest absorbance was recorded against antigen eluded from band with MW 34-42 kDa in both serum as well as splenic cell culture supernatant. In this study, formalin inactivated intradermal immunization with MDR P. aeruginosa produced protective antibodies in Swiss albino mice against antigen of specific molecular weight. Use of this target antigen could be applied as an innovative strategy for bacterial vaccine development.

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