Insights into the Menstrual Pain Experience: Results from Quality Improvement Surveys of American Women

Author(s): Margo S Harrison


The objective of these quality improvement surveys was to improve business practices based on consumer feedback about menstrual pain.


All de-identified data was collected through an online survey platform called Survey Monkey and no personal health information as defined by HIPAA regulations was collected.


For the cohort of women initially surveyed (n = 103), to believe in the legitimacy of a new menstrual pain medication, they rely largely on doctors (n = 28), clinical research (n = 31), and testimonials from other women (n = 20). For a second cohort asked about success of treatment, they defined it as a reduction in pain (72%), and if the treatment failed they would be worried about side effects, wasting money, and disappointment that the treatment was not effective.


Women have negative menstrual experiences, rely on doctors, research, and each other to develop trust in menstrual treatments, and define success of a menstrual treatment by its ability to reduce pain.

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