Innovation an Eco Friendly Technology: Tanning System using Semi Chrome and Improved Indigenous Tannins (Acacia Nilotica Pods)

Author(s): Haj Ali Alim A, Gasm elseed GA, Ahmed AE

Semi-chrome tanned leathers were obtained using spray dried powder which were carried out using leaching of 70% crushed ‘Garad’ and 30% ‘Neem’ barks mixture to develop the fulfillment of ‘Garad’ tanning power. Tanning system was conducted in industrial research consultancies center, Sudan. Mechanical and physio-chemical analyses of the leather were executed using SLTC. Mechanical properties of the produced leather were compared with traditional tanned leather and the strengths, of tensile, one edge tear and two edges tear, of semi chrome tanned leather were: (200 kg/cm2, 52 and 100 kg/cm) respectively where the distension and strength of grain was (10 mm) and the thermal stability (100°C). The experimental explain that the blending ’Garad - Neem’ significantly enhanced the quality of tannins powder and tanned leather.

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