Inflammatory Fibroid Polyp of ileum causing Ileo-Ileal intussusception in a 38 year old female : A case report

Author(s): Utpal Baruah, Subbarao, Azharuddin

Adult intussusception is a rare entity that is almost always associated with a demonstrable lead point. There has been a notable association between adult intussusception and inflammatory fibroid polyp (IFP) or Vanek’s tumour. These polyps are benign tumours arising from submucosa, comprising of mesenchymal cells like fibroblasts and numerous variably prominent small blood vessels along with chronic inflammatory cells commonly eosinophils. Inflammatory fibroid polyps are uncommon; moreover, these polyps causing secondary intussusception in an adult is still rarer. Clinical manifestations of IFP vary based on size and location within the GI tract. Here, we report a case of inflammatory fibroid polyp of ileum, presented as acute on chronic pain abdomen in a 38-year-old woman. The rareness of the disease made it a clinical challenge to subject the patient to laparotomy. However this patient underwent resection of the intussuscepted small bowel with primary anastomosis. The rareness of non-malignant condition being the cause for adult ileo-ileal intussusception and the clinical challenge associated with it makes it a case worth reporting.

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