Infection Control in Operating Rooms during COVID 19 Viral Pandemic. A Narrative Review

Author(s): Azam ALQuraini, Saleh Alsumaih, Abdulmohsen Almukhaitah, Rayan AlHarbi, Ibrahim Al Rajeh, Abdulaziz Busubayt, Meshal Al-Essa, Ibrahim Almugrin, Omar Fahad AlButayshi, Abd

Health care workers and in specific Anesthesiologists are prone to the risk of infection particularly during aerosol-generating procedures as air way management or high flow nasal oxygen therapy for very sick patients. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and appropriate face masks are essential when managing COVID 19 virus infected patients. Droplet and aerosol transmission is considered the main method for contracting this virus infection. Decontamination of disposables and the proper donning and doffing of PPE will help reduce future viral outbreaks in the medical facilities.

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