In Vitro Proof of Concept Evaluation of a Gravity Powered Novel Filtration Device to Effectively Process a Blood Analogue/Particle Mixture to Rapidly Produce a Clear Filtrate

Author(s): Michael Bruce Horowitz, Brandon Repko, Hieu Le, Benjamin Bobo, Henre Pande

Background: This study provides an In Vitro proof of concept evaluation of a gravity powered novel blood filtration device to effectively process a high viscosity whole blood analogue/particle mixture to rapidly produce a clear filtrate.

Methods: A novel proprietary gravity fed blood filtration system was used to process a particulate filled water/glycerol high viscosity whole blood analogue to determine the device’s ability to rapidly exclude foreign body and to produce a cleared filtrate.

Results: This study demonstrated 100% filtration of 2.3 mm, 63-75 micron and 355-425 micron spheres from a high viscosity blood analogue/particle mixture using a gravity fed three filter system. Filtration rate using a clear solution that mimics high viscosity whole blood occurred at a rate of 100 cc/4-7 seconds (> 500 cc/minute).

Conclusion: A gravity driven three filter device can rapidly process a high viscosity whole blood equivalent fluid/particulate mixture. Results from this and prior In vitro studies indicate that such a device may prove useful for the reinfusion of autologous blood lost during invasive procedures.

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