Improvisation Can Accomplish the Need of Hour

Author(s): Anie Gupta, Richa Saroa, Uma Rathi, Sanjeev Palta

Paediatric airway management is often challenging. In maxillofacial surgeries or child with difficult airway, method of safe extubation is the use of an airway exchange catheter (AEC). But in resource limited set up there may be difficulty in achieving a small sized AEC. Here was a case of 3 years old female child, known case of juvenile onset of respiratory recurrent papillomatis with anticipated difficult extubation, where an AEC was required which could be inserted in a PVC endotracheal tube of size 3.0 mm ID, so it was improvised with the available material. It might facilitate reintubation when necessary and could assist in administering oxygen to the patient.

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