Healing of a Chronic Wound after Extensive Burn Injury in An Elderly Patient Using Marine Omega3 Wound Matrix and Split-Thickness Skin Micro-Grafts: A Case Report

Author(s): Christian Smolle, Judith C. Geißler, Sebastian Nischwitz, Hannah Luze, Lars-Peter Kamolz

Elderly burn patients are at increased risk for wound healing complications, as their injuries are more likely to become deep and wound healing is impaired. Furthermore, higher age is a known risk factor for burn wound infection. New biologic matrices are promising tools in the armamentarium of wound care specialists in application of hard-to-heal wounds. We present a case of an elderly burn patient with chronic wounds that were ultimately healed using marine omega3 wound matrix for wound conditioning and meek micrografting for closure. As the patient general health status did not allow surgery under general anaesthesia, skin grafting was performed bed-side under topical anaesthesia.

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