Glutathione Combined with Punica granatum and Acerola Cherry Extracts reduced Melanin accumulation

Author(s): Yung-Kai Lin, Yung-Hao Lin,Yung-Hsiang Lin, Chi-Fu Chiang

Blue light was common in natural light and white light, and long-term blue light exposure caused skin damage. Glutathione (GSH) inhibited melanin production and brightened the skin. In addition, the high content of polyphenol in punica grantum and vitamin C in acerola cherry had whitening effects. The purpose of this study was to explore whether GSH formula that combined GSH, punica grantum, and acerola cherry can reduce melanin formation. Blue light to stimulate A375 cell line to produce melanin, used GSH formula to treat A375 cell line, analyzed melanin, tyrosinase activity, melanogenesis associated genes, and functional analysis in CCD-996SK by nCounter analysis. GSH formula significantly decreased the melanin content and tyrosinase activity under blue light exposure. GSH formula also decreased melanogenesis associated genes. And nCounter analysis showed that GSH formula had antioxidant, anti-aging, DNA repair, and anti-inflammatory abilities. GSH formula supplemented with GSH, punica granatum, and acerola cherry extracts can reduce melanin formation, and accompanied by anti-oxidation, anti-aging, DNA repair, anti-inflammatory ability.

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