Giant Cell-Rich Osteosarcoma (GCRO) of the Spine on T6 and T7 Vertebral Mass Case Report Literature Review

Author(s): Sayed Abdulla jami, Shi Jiandang, Sohel Tanvir MM, Zhanwen Zhou

Giant cell-rich osteosarcoma (GCRO) is a rare type of osteosarcoma, which is easily misdiagnosed as the bone size on imaging and histology of cell tumors, and GCRO in the spine is exceptionally rare. A case of GCRO confirmed by surgical pathology in our hospital is reported. 45 years old female patient with GCRO on T6 and T7 vertebra performed a surgical procedure. This study's purpose was to review the clinical presentation, imaging, pathology, and outcome of patients with giant cell-rich osteosarcoma (GCRO) of bones. A total of 18 patient’s data with our GCRO case were analyzed for this review literature.

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