Generalized lymphatic anomaly: an unusual cause of mediastinal widening -A case report

Author(s): Tamanna Khullar, Rashmi Dixit, Monica Juneja, Gaurav Pradhan

While simple lymphatic malformations which may be microcystic or macrocystic (Cystic hygroma) are quite common, complex lymphatic anomalies such as generalized lymphatic anomaly are uncommon. Due to its rarity and nonspecific presentation, diagnosis may often be delayed. A 7yr old male presented with non-specific respiratory symptoms and knee pain. Chest imaging findings of low attenuation soft tissue mass with infiltration along the lymphatic distribution adjacent to the bronchovascular bundles and multiple punched out lytic lesions in the bones with preserved cortex were seen. In the given clinical scenario, laboratory findings, these imaging findings were highly suggestive for generalised lymphatic anomaly.We suggest a complete radiological evaluation in such children as imaging can be highly suggestive even in the absence of genetic or histopathological diagnosis.

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