Frequency of Harmony and the Unified Theory of Everything. Across the Universe towards Human Body and Mind with Discovery of Neuroarchitecture Vinci Power Nap® Pendulum as the Biotechnology of the Future

Author(s): Magdalena Filcek

Science and geometry have always developed parallel and interpenetrated. The orbits of the planets around the Sun can be represented by ellipses as a result of the law of gravity. Simple geometric shapes are associated with simple dynamics because this kind of mathematical representation implies an interwoven relationship between the form of an object and the forces acting on it. The author's pioneering empirical observations and research on the biotechnology patented Vinci Power Nap® neuroarchitecture system, led to the a very important notion that this unique combination of a horizontal pendulum motion with a vertical harmonic oscillator, with a man lying inside as a pendulum lens - all together create harmony in the observed resonant frequency and period by presenting two values of the number Phi. If everything in the universe is made of energy, then maybe that energy can be defined in terms of 0,618Hz frequency, which was found in the Vinci Power Nap® pendulum, as a pattern of incessant space fractal transformation, inner fundamental force of nature and the matrix of creation. Feynman’s fine structure constant can relate this golden ratio to quantum physics, leading to quantum biology, quantum gravity, the general theory of unification and even further to the M-Theory, unified field theory, theory of everything (TOE).

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