Formic Acid Generation from Impregnated Cellulose with Iron Nanoparticles via Microwave-Assisted Processes

Author(s): Bassem Kamal Abdelkader, Richard Ahorsu, Magda Constanti, Francesc Medina

The enormous potential of formic acid (FA) as hydrogen carrier, high hydrogen content and low toxicity makes it a good alternative for hydrogen production. Direct generation of iron nanoparticles loosely incorporated in cellulose offered simple route to form FA. The presence of charged ions from alkali salt assisted in the deconstruction of cellulose to glucose and subsequent transformation of glucose to FA concentration of 0.47gC/L. Formic acid selectivity reached 15.8% at a reaction temperature of 180 °C. Employing iron nanoparticles and microwave process in FA production is an environmentally sustainable route. The above processes pave the way for lignocellulosic biomass usage for FA production and making economical usage of catalysts.

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