Food Label and its Influence among Indian Consumers - A Review

Author(s): Shireen S, Muthumareeswari S, Sumaya, Bhuvaneswari KM, Lakshmi Shree R

Food Labels are a preface to packaged foods. There is an important component known as Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP), which precisely gives the amount of macro and micronutrients per 100g or one serving. Consumers were found to read them but do not alter their purchasing behavior accordingly. Therefore this study aims in identifying the hindering factors in food label usage. Articles done from 2013 to 2021, published on PubMed, Research Gate, Google Scholar and other independent Indian and International Journals on Indian population were reviewed. Certain factors like: education, gender, income and area of residence had an impact on reading and purchasing foods. Other major factors found to be hindering food label usage were knowledge of the buyers. This study concluded by recommending mandatory food labeling requirements in all Indian food products and to provide proper education and awareness to consumers to enable them to select healthier food choices in future. Further studies were also required to be done on a larger scale to generalize the findings and correct the narrow paths.

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