Favism in the Elderly

Author(s): Carme Gomila Sintes, Sara Bernal, Ester Rojas, Pilar Leoz Alegretti, Matias Nicolas Flores Orella, Antonio Jorge Betbesé Roig

G6PD deficiency is an X-linked, hereditary genetic disorder. G6DP gene is located on the long arm of this chromosome (Xq28). The most common clinical manifestations are neonatal jaundice and acute hemolytic anemia, which in most patients is triggered by an exogenous agent (infection, ingestion of fava beans (favism) or exposure to an oxidative drug). Favism is most frequently diagnosed in children below 5 years of age, whereas its diagnose in adulthood is relatively uncommon, even more in the elderly. We outline a case of an elderly male who required admission to the Intensive Care Unit because of a severe hemolysis and acute kidney injury after fava beans ingestion.

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