Familial Koilonychia Associated with Male Infertility

Author(s): Simrat Kaur Batth, Ishani Thukral, Ajay Chhabra

Koilonychia has a myriad of associations with dermatologic and systemic disorders. Iron deficiency isone of the most common causes worldwide. Familia koilonychia is one of the hereditary causes of koilonychia.The genetic mutations causing it is not entirely known. Familial koilonychia is a rare condition and mostly an isolated finding. Its association with male infertility points towards the possibility of it being one of the phenotypes of a systemic disorder that is yet to be known. Male infertility workup should always be started with a semen analysis. A proper history taking and a thorough physical examination in a patient can help reveal many of the underlying conditions unrelated to the cause of presentation in the hospital.

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