Fabrication of the Carbon Nanorods by β-Cyclodextrins with the Diathermic Oil Emulsification Process

Author(s): Yu Liao, Ranran Zhang, Jun Qian

A low-cost and environment-friendly method using β-cyclodextrins (β-CD) and diathermic oil emulsification process is applied to synthesize the carbon nanorods with a high production. The morphological and structural properties of the carbon nanorods are characterized by SEM and Raman. The chemical elemental analysis is discussed by means of FTIR and XPS. The results confirm that the nanomaterials are amorphous carbon with a diameter of approximate 100 nm. The surface of the obtained carbon nanorods are full of –OH, -C-O, -C=O functional groups, which can greatly improve the hydrophilicity and chemical reactivity of the carbon nanorods.

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