Estimation of Pulpitis Prevalence in Primary Dentition

Author(s): Dobrinka Mitkova Damyanova, Sirma Angelova, Radosveta Andreeva-Borisova

Objective: Assessment of distribution of pulpitis in primary dentition on an individual and community scale.

Material and Methods: Subject of the study are 67 children with primary dentition and performed minimum one endodontic treatment of a deciduous tooth. Totally 37 girls and 30 boys are included into this research. Child‘s minimal age equals to four and maximum age of participants is six. The research has been carried out at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov”-Varna, in the period 2015-2017. The researchers are specialists at Pediatric Dentistry. Irreversible caries lesions with pulp involvement, categorized as D4, have been investigated through this retrospective study based on medical records of participants. Actual survey data processing package for mathematical and statistical analysis SPSS 20.0 was applied.

Results: Approximately half of all the children who have taken part in the research, namely 46, 30 %, are characterized with two endodontic treatment procedures performed. One clinical situation of endodontic therapy concerns 22, 40 % of all the participants. Maximum five teeth affected by pulpitis have been recorded per individual primary dentition.

Conclusion: Pulpitis is widely distributed in deciduous teeth.

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