Efficacy Study of Sensitive Tooth Paste with Natural Extract

Author(s): Sudhir Sawarkar, Jayaganesh Sankar, Furtado Mellissa Andrea

People notice the pain is aggravated after a bite of ice cream or spoon of hot soup intake. The tooth sensitivity otherwise called as ‘Dentin Hypersensitivity’; the Dentin hypersensitivity is not a personal problem and it is easily rectified by the regular oral hygiene method.  The main objective of the study was to evaluate the clinical efficacy of sensitive tooth paste with herbal extract to decrease the Dentinal Hypersensitivity issue.  The primary objective is to estimate of this study sensitivity of teeth through the Mean Visual Analogue Scale Scores method. The secondary objective is to estimate the recovery of gum inflammation reduction, gum strengthening, smoothening effect, cleaning. The Primary efficacy analysis was done by comparison of Screening and EOS of all variables using Non Parametric (Non Normal) Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Tes; it is similar to Paired t test. Mean visual Analogue scale score reduced up-to 66.3% in Air evaporative stimuli and 74.6% in Thermal stimuli.  Gingival index score reduced before and after treatment. Gum strengthening was confirmed by reduction of redness, edema and glazing from the all the patients who have used the Sensitive toothpaste. Gum Soothening was confirmed from the reduction towards bleeding on probing after the use of sensitive toothpaste by the patients. The plaque Index score helps to quantify the deposit of plaque on the teeth. There was a considerable decrease in plaque Index score from screening to End Of Study (EOS). Mean change of plaque index score at screening was 1.56 and it was declined to 0.96 at EOS.  The present study confirms that the toothpaste decreases plaque and gingivitis scores at significant levels. It is suggested that an herbal extract containing toothpaste could be a useful approach for gingivitis prevention and that it may be recommended for daily oral hygiene procedures. Regular use of herbal active tested tooth paste will helps to relief from the sensitiv

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