Effects of a Dietary Supplement Containing Collagen - L-Arginine - Hyaluronic Acid on General Health in Elderly Patients with Musculoskeletal Complaints

Author(s): Réka Fritz, Pál Bóday, Annamária Maszlag, Lívia Mayer, and Péter Fritz

We investigated the efficacy of a liquid dietary supplement (DS) containing collagen, L-arginine, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in elderly patients with musculoskeletal complaints. The two-month study 26 people were involved who were randomly divided into two groups (control and experimental group). At the beginning and end of the study, somatometric examinations, body composition examinations, joint function tests and laboratory tests were carried out. All subjects consumed 25 ml of DS per day and members of the experimental group also took part in physiotherapy 3 times a week. Blood lipid levels changed in parallel with the intake of DS: LDL level and the LDL/HDL ratio decreased significantly in both groups. There was a significant improvement in 3 points of the body composition test in both groups. The functional tests of the knee and hip joints showed significant improvements in the experimental group, while in the control group the DS can also bring about significant improvements in the range of motion of the joints in the passive state. The DS proves to be an excellent support for people who lead an active lifestyle. It shows clear benefits in promoting joint functionality, maintaining healthy blood lipid levels and improving body composition. It is worth noting that the effectiveness of DS also applies to people with a more sedentary lifestyle.

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