Diarrhoeal Disease in Relation to Childhood Malnutrition and Its Impact on Socio-economic Condition in Emerging Countries Like Bangladesh

Author(s): Reema Afroza Alia, Nayeema Sadia, Nazma Parvin Shammy, Ferdous Ara Tithy, Rumana Shelim, Rukhsana Parvin.

Despite a drop in the previous three decades, diarrhoeal illness remains a significant worldwide cause of young fatalities. Childhood rotavirus, diarrhoea, climatic variables, and malnutrition all have a significant link. Conversely, in the recent decade, a major nutritional transition (reduced undernutrition) was reported in under 5 children, particularly in developing countries such as Bangladesh, with a concurrent increasing trend of rotavirus infection. Given the pathophysiology of rotavirus, there might be a connection between this dietary change, climate, and other man-made variables in metropolitan places like Dhaka, Bangladesh, in increasing rotavirus infection. Despite great socioeconomic development and a decade of measures targeted at alleviating it, malnutrition among children under the age of five remains a serious issue in Bangladesh. Despite the fact that various studies have been undertaken to determine the key risk factors for malnutrition, none of them have examined the significance of low birth weight (LBW) 36%. In recent decades, Bangladesh has seen a significant decrease in the number of children dying from diarrhoea. Despite being a resource-constrained, highly populated nation, Bangladesh has been able to accomplish a considerable decrease in pediatric diarrhoea mortality over the last few decades. Improving hand hygiene habits, increasing zinc coverage for diarrhoea therapy, and sustaining nutritional improvement are some of the challenges that remain to further reduce the burden of disease and death caused by diarrhoea. Continuous engagement with NGOs and the commercial sector, as well as the adoption of pluralistic health system platforms for preventive and curative service delivery, are essential to extend intervention coverage and speed the end of children's diarrhoeal deaths in Bangladesh.

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