Development, Organoleptic Evaluation and Acceptability of Products Developed from Agro Based Wastes-Seeds and Rind of Watermelon

Author(s): Amatullah Quadri, Avanti Rao

The aim of the present study was to utilize, develop and evaluate value added products of agro based waste-seeds and rind of watermelon. In view of its high nutritional content, they have very good potential food value to serve as supplements in food formulations. Four products were developed (Juice, Salad, Jam and Protein bars) along with their respective variations, from which Juice and Salad were subjected only for numerical scoring whereas Jam and Protein bars were subjected to detailed hedonic scaling. Protein bars containing ragi flakes and jam made only with Watermelon rind were the most acceptable amongst the three and two respective formulations. Statistical analysis was applied and fudicial limits of the above mentioned parameters were obtained.

The scores obtained for overall acceptability were analysed using ‘t’ test. It was found that the calculated value (2.83) was greater than the table value (1.64) at 5% level of significance. Hence there is no significant difference observed between the two variations of jam and in Protein bars it was found that Variation 1 (4.07) and Variation 3 (5.55) are highly significant and Variation 2 (1.65) is significant at 5% level significance. Thus, the present study concluded that seeds and the rind of watermelon could be successfully incorporated in jam and protein bars without affecting the sensory or nutritional quality of finished product. It can be consumed by all age groups during breakfast (jam) or snack time.

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