Development and Qualification of a Novel Method for Quantitative Analysis of Lipid Aldehydes in Tissue

Author(s): William C. Putnam, Sarah M. Swenson, Dinesh Rakheja

There exists much interest in identifying and quantitating oxidized lipids in biofluids and tissues because certain oxidized lipids may potentially serve as early-stage diagnostic biomarkers of disease states such as preeclampsia. To that end, a set of seven biologically relevant oxidized lipids (lipid aldehydes) have been studied in placental tissue. A novel method for analyzing these seven target biologically relevant oxidized lipids was developed and is presented. Placental samples processed and analyzed by LC-MS/MS for the content of the seven specified lipid aldehydes. Additionally, the placental samples were profiled for additional (untargeted) lipid aldehydes. The LC-MS/MS method was qualified and found to have acceptable linearity, accuracy and precision for its intended use. It was determined that placental tissue from mothers with preeclampsia had relatively lower amounts of oxidized lipids when compared to control placental tissue.

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