Design and Creation of a Wearable Circular Ultrasonic Device for a Soft Screening and Diagnosis of Breast Abnormalities

Author(s): Amira Godih, Georges Nassar, Toshima Z Parris, Nadine Saad, Elie Helou, Per Karlsson, Khalil Helou

An ultrasound breast imaging system was implemented comprising sensors with a wide lateral radiation field distributed at equal distances on rings of different diameters covering the breast. The Green function was derived to calculate the acoustic field generated by these transducers when they were excited sequentially by a short radio frequency pulsation with a central frequency of 4.5 MHz. The temporal convolution function was used to define the maximum spatial resemblance between two signals. This made it possible to quantify the ultrasonic intensity for all the spatial positions in a single step through the principle of phantoms coupled to the signal envelope from each point considered as a potentially suspicious area. The results show the relevance of the system under consideration.

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