Dental Management of Head and Neck Radiotherapy: A Literature Review

Author(s): Anthony Challita, Raymond Challita, Ronald Challita, Sayde Sokhn, Mona Zeitouny

Objective: To reveal the importance of dental care for Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) patients and the dentist role in treating these patients.

Data source and selection: Two online databases (PubMed and Google Scholar) were searched (June 2019). All studies that were analyzed with access to full text in English language were included.

Data synthesis: The selected articles shows the importance of the dentist intervention pre, per and post radiation therapy that helps to ease the symptoms which appear due to radiation and may delay their appearance. The dentist’s knowledge in the physiology of cancer and radiation treatment is essential and really important for the success of the whole treatment and amelioration of patient’s quality of life.

Conclusion: A good knowledge by the dentist and a caring, cooperant patient improves the patient’s quality of life and reduces the severity of the side effects.

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