Deep Infiltrating Sigmoid Endometriosis: A Rare Case of Obscure Pathogenesis

Author(s): Georgios Zacharioudakis, Konstantinos Kiroplastis, Aikaterini Bratko, Panagiotis Petras, Evangelia Katsiki, Maria Sidiropoulou, Apostolos Kambaroudis

Endometriosis is a serious disease affecting women, presenting three main variations. Its diagnosis and treatment are more than challenging. This is a rare case of deep infiltrating bowel endometriosis which contradicts current pathogenetic notions, based on its infiltration pattern. Pathogenesis of deeply infiltrating bowel endometriosis is ill-defined, entailing inoculation of endometrial tissue on the bowel wall mainly due to retrograde menstruation or coelomic metaplasia. This is an rare case of a patient who presented a single endometriotic bowel lesion, progressing from the inwards of the sigmoid colon, infiltrating a single lymph node.

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