Cytotoxic Effect of ApoL1r in Bovine Epithelial Kidney Cells as an Alternative Treatment for Trypanosoma spp. in Cattle

Author(s): Ingrid Lorena Jaramillo, John Didier Ruiz, Piedad Matilde Agudelo.

ApoL 1 has been considered as a good alternative to Trypanosoma spp treatment but is also related to kidney cytotoxicity in some mammals. The cytotoxic effect of the recombinant ApoL1 (ApoL1r) protein on bovine renal epithelial cells was evaluated in vitro. This cytotoxic effect led to an up to 50% decrease in cell viability. These results were comparable to those obtained through positive damage control (MM8 at 200 and 250 ug/ml). It was determined that the ApoL1r protein could not be used in experimental animal models, specifically in cattle, due to the loss of cell viability that was generated.

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