Cutaneous Lipomatous Metaplasia in Patient with Severe Atopic Dermatitis in Therapy with Dupilumab

Author(s): Silvia Mariel Ferrucci, Luisa Angileri, Simona Tavecchio, Emilio Berti, Antonina Parafioriti, Francesca Boggio, Vinicio Boneschi

Introduction: Lipomatous Metaplasia (LM) is a well-known aspect associated to a variety of inflammatory and neoplastic processes.

Case presentation: Here, we describe a case of LM arising in a woman during dupilumab treatment. To our knowledge there are no data in the literature about side effects similar to the clinical picture we observed in our patient.

Conclusion: We have supposed that inhibition of IL-4, together with chronic photo-exposure, could have induced the development of mature fatty tissue in the context of a cytokine pattern modified by therapy with dupilumab.

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